Cancellation Policy

Cancellations and waiting can be frustrating for riders and driver partners alike. To avoid cancelling your ride, ensure before requesting the pickup location and drop Location is correct or not and other personal factors at your end.  In order to ensure that driver-partners are fairly compensated for their time when committing to a trip, we have ensured that a cancellation and waiting fee is in place.

1. Cancellation fee

For scheduled rides, a cancellation fee of ₹8 is charged for:

  1. If you cancel 3 rides after a driver is assigned, you will be charged the cancellation fee.
  2. For cancellation of the fourth ride, the charges will add to the succeeding ride. Example: If you have cancelled the fourth ride then your fifth ride and sixth will be considered applicable for cancellation fee calculation.
  3. If the driver’s wait time exceeds 10 minutes at the pickup location, you’ve marked a no-show and charged the cancellation fee as 20% of the total (ride charge + cancellation fee).

2. Waiting Fee

An efficient dispatch enables us to give you a more cost-efficient & reliable ride. Towards this effort, riders will be charged a nominal waiting fee after 3 min as ₹2/min when the driver’s wait time:

What can you do if you were charged a cancellation fee unfairly?

If you feel that you have been charged a cancellation fee unfairly due to factors beyond your control like the driver cancelling the trip or if you’re unable to connect to the driver, you could raise a concern to our support team by following these simple steps:

  1. Using our support email address
  2. Via chatbot support provided in the Yu-Go application

After this, our support team will reach out to you if any questions arise. You’d be notified about the progress of your query via email notifications.